Who we are

Microgreens Ltd. is a vertical farming company that develops proprietary growing systems by using unique designs and also builds Biodomes of various sizes. These developing systems and Biodomes enables the quick germination of different types of vegetables, crops, and other high-end plants within a shorter time, less amount of money and space. The company just corrects the cons with agricultural buildings and traditional greenhouses. The capabilities of the company in the aspects of vertical farming and microgreens enables influential and upcoming producers to cultivate crops that initially would have needed more space, time and money to provide. Microgreen became an Incorporated company under the laws of Hong Kong in 2015 when it changed its name to “Microgreen Ltd.” and has its head office in Hong Kong, which is a private firm.

Our history


Microgreen became an Incorporated company under the laws of Hong Kong in 2015 when it changed its name to “Microgreen Ltd.” and has its head office in Hong Kong, which is a private firm.


Microgreen set up office in Hong Kong and  Ireland


Microgreen set up office in Southern China and Bio Lab to develope the System for Chinese Medicine Use.


With Microgreen starting to build an commerical size vertical farm zone around 50 containers  on the summer in Southern China.


Microgreen is unique Company, and the mission of our Company is to be the number one Company in the industry that provides unrivaled vertical farming and Biodome products to our wholesale, commercial, retail and government customers. Without compromising on the quality of our high-performing large-scale schemes and creating a logical shareholder value as well as acknowledging our accountability to the communities in which we operate. 

  • Microgreen Container System
  • Vertical Farming
  • Medicine Use Planting
  • Energy Control Systems
  • Biodomes Control Systems

Our Company will work directly with premeditated strategic partners to penetrate the commercial vertical markets that are based on certain product characteristics, e.g., readily usable products. Especially with the ever-increasing market for developed vertical growing systems, products and demand for latest products for different applications due to the lack of fresh water and soil for farming.

Meet our team

Eric Cheung


Eric is a successful business man and graduate of Shanghai University with a degree in engineering. Eric and his partners have developed a substantial number of successful investment grade projects including commercial, residential and retail shopping malls throughout the Asia.  



Education background in finance and accounting and held senior financial advisory roles at Deloitte & Touché LLP and Senior Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Worked with various groups internationally to promote Green Energy, including the National Hydro Association and the American Council on Renewable Energy. 


Chief Engineer

Director of Research & Development and Manufacturing, An expert in lighting applications for crop production, research, and phenotyping, experienced in research projects to increase the efficiency of crop production and the manipulation of horticultural crops with light recipes



Vice-president ,Tom has held senior roles in strategic health and defence programs in the Africa and the Middle East with ICL, IBM, Micro Strategy, BAE Systems, and IBA. The majority of roles have required practical steps to implement new and innovative technologies providing solutions to challenging problems

Why chooose us

  1. Produce is grown on-site, virtually eliminating the expensive and lengthy supply chain. With our extensive growing experience, we guarantee to save you thousands over shipped produce.

  2. Computer controlled light, temperature, pH levels and nutrition delivery, maintain optimum plant growth and consistent yield 365 per year. 
  3. Even with operating and leasing costs, our systems make it cheaper to grow on-site than to import. We also include growing supplies and technical assistance, as part of our service.

Our principles

At Microgreen, we strive to create an action-oriented and value-based culture that drives responsible business and encourages meaningful community engagement.


We have been working with Eric for a long time and we can easily say that he is our family photographer. Telling the truth, it is already a true friend of our family.   Thank you, Eric!

Bradley Grosh

Microgeen gardening cabinets allow you to grow a variety of fresh, nutrient dense greens in just the right amount for your family. Thanks You! 

John McCoist